Which sport is the most predictable for betting
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Which sport is the most predictable for betting

Where to start in the betting

Let’s start with one thing: there are no “easy” sports. It is necessary to know and analyze the statistics, the history of the team and each player individually. If a novice bettor has never been interested in sports up to this point and gets information about championships solely from TV programs, he can only win by chance.

If a person has a favorite sport and a favorite team about which he knows everything, he can confidently make realistic predictions on them, but he can also on emotion desperately believe that they will beat a strong opponent.

Is it worth it to bet on unpopular sports

Several sports are the most popular, among them tennis, basketball, soccer and hockey. The main advantages of betting on them are the following:

  • A wide range of bets.
  • A wide range of offers.

The most popular sporting events in the bookmaker’s office pays the most attention. Professionals in both sports and marketing work on the development of offers.

Betting on unpopular sports is possible if you understand all the nuances of a particular tournament or competition. Knowing all the terms and peculiarities of the game will allow you to find bets at the best odds.

It should be remembered that the margin laid down by the bookmaker varies depending on the sport. To use the offers with the lowest commission, make your own rating of the best bookmakers or use a ready-made solution.

If you are going to bet on an unpopular sport or team in a foreign league, make sure you have the necessary amount of information: the ability to read and analyze foreign sports resources, watch live matches, perhaps use the archive of a large bookmaker’s office.

Carefully analyzing the tactics of the selected team, you increase the chances of an accurate prediction

Peculiarities of betting on specific sports

The greatest variety of bets are accepted on soccer matches. You can bet on the score, the issuance of cards to players, the number of substitutions, penalties and other aspects of the game. This sport is considered to be the easiest to predict, but there can always be “dark horses” who can reverse the predictable course of the game.

  • Hockey is less predictable than soccer. Because of the long season and tight schedule of games there is a frequent change of players in the main roster, so to know in advance who will participate in a particular match, and, therefore, to predict its outcome, is difficult enough.
  • Basketball and volleyball bets are usually low, but there are handicaps. The player can set them himself or choose from the options offered by the bookmaker’s office.
  • Baseball bets are popular around the world. 

While betting on tennis, it is better to limit your choice to 10-15 of the most interesting sportsmen. Here the outcome depends on the state of the tennis player, the coach’s qualification, the presence of injuries, etc. 

Coverage also has a certain influence on the outcome of the game: 

  • the athlete may give preference to clay
  • grass or hard. 

Bookmakers offer several types of bets on tennis: 

  • on games, 
  • sets, 
  • number of errors.

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