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Sydney Casino In Trouble After 12 Year Old Caught Gambling

The Star casino in Sydney, Australia, was hit with a $65,000 fine after a girl aged 12 was caught playing slot machines. Authorities also found another instance where children were able to play poker and dance in a bar.  To gamble in Australia, customers must be at least 18 years old. You don’t have to worry about minors gambling online at PlayAmo casino as all players’ ages are checked.

The 12-year-old girl was allegedly assisted by her parents. The family who was in Sydney on holiday from Asia held the side door open to smuggle the child into the casino and avoid security checkpoints.

The girl spent 30 minutes inside the venue and during that time period made 25 bets while glued to a pokie machine. The family was caught when they decided to leave the casino.

The local police were shocked that the child’s parents, who knew that it was illegal, would help her gain access to the venue in such a calculated way. The parents were let off with a warning by police.

Teenagers Try To Enjoy Sydney Casino

During an unrelated event, a 15-year-old girl managed to gain access to the property through a special entrance. She was not asked to show ID as she was accompanied by an older frequent punter.

The girl managed to access one of the many bars and was seen sipping a drink. She was only discovered when she pushed her luck too far and attempted to gain access to a nightclub located in the casino. Security asked for her ID but sounded the alarm when they noticed the picture did not match her appearance. She was promptly escorted from premises and had the fraudulent ID confiscated, which was later handed to police.

In another case, a 16-year-old boy managed to live it up for more than 4 hours inside the venue. During that timeframe, he enjoyed 30 hands of poker and 50 hands of blackjack.

During 2020 30 different minors were able to gain access to the Star casino, which is a decline from 2019 when 38 minors snuck into the property. The Star casino is committed to ensuring that all of its customers are of age and notified the authorities relating to all of these infractions.

Should You Check Out The Star Casino In Sydney?

The Star is one of the biggest casinos in Australia, only the Crown in Melbourne is slightly larger.

The high-end resort features extensive betting facilities, 8 bars and 12 restaurants, and a luxury hotel with more than 380 rooms. That’s not all. The resort also has two pools, a fitness center, a concert hall, and convention meeting rooms.

The Star is currently open and accepting guests. There is a limit on the number of visitors, and social distancing measures have been implemented. If you are looking for a place to gamble in Sydney, then you have to check out the harbourside property.

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